OTA ranking boost

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OTAs dominate the booking marketing of hotels

In the hotel tourism market, domestic tourism is 52% and international passengers is 48%.There are 62% of foreign travelers using OTA to book rooms and 38% of domestic tourism using OTA to book rooms.

49.52% tourism use OTA to book rooms no matter for domestic tourism or international passengers
50% of your rooms should be sold through OTAs

SEO or keyword advertisement is not workable for OTAs

The search engine of OTA is customized and developed by OTA themselves.Those OTA search engine won’t be impacted by SEO, facebook advertisement, google keyword advertisement.If you expect that your hotel can be displayed on top pages, you should follow rules of OTA.

AI (artificial intelligence) can improve your hotel’s ranking position

We develop an artificial intelligence system to collect and analyze behaviors of OTA and we know how to influence the ranking algorithm of OTA and optimize the ranking position of hotels.

We use our AI system to help hotels in the world to incrase their ranking position on OTA and get great performance.

To be listed on top 10 pages to get more revenues on OTAs

When your hotel stays on top front page, you can get more room reservations and you need to encourage your customers to leave good reviews and scores for your hotel.

You operate a good hotel and we help you to get the opportunity to be displayed on top page to get customers’ reservations and this is the mission that we do.